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She Is Winter

Her laugh

A swirl of pristine snow.

Her icy winds

Piercing, proving.

Casting down the unnecessary

At her feet

She sees your heart


Amidst bare branches.


Her midnight sustained

So that your light

May blaze brightest.

She is winter.

excerpt from She Is Winter  © R. Dawn Hutchinson 

Barefoot on sweetgrass

She arrives at her own behest

Delayed and delighted

By anticipation.

Eyes eager,

The first to find her seedlings.

Midwife of the heart

She spies

The aching dream

And eases

It’s growth into the world

Setting you down

On shaking legs

Onto the sunlit path.

She is spring.

She Is Spring

excerpt from She Is Spring  © R. Dawn Hutchinson 

Winged Horse

So, heart bridled and braced,

And compassion unbound,

Feather by feather

His wings fell to the ground.

Four hooves touched the earth

With a thundering vow:

Horse would carry Man’s burdens,

He would help Man to plow.

He would gather their herds,

And pull heavy carts,

And when Mankind’s sorrow

Weighed too much for their hearts,

Horse’s great strength would carry that too.

excerpt from Winged Horse  © R. Dawn Hutchinson 

The far horizon.

Endless abandon.

The lines at her eyes


Beams across her face.

Hawk soaring

On roiling air.

Snake stretched in the sun


Growing too big

For her skin.

excerpt from She Is Summer  © R. Dawn Hutchinson 

She Is Summer

She Is Autumn

The flushed apple

The arresting moon

Her bountiful heart

Dances about you

In the falling leaves.

Hand in hand

Walking you

To the cold times to come.

Inhale her deeply,

For she will not

Outstay her welcome.

She is autumn.

excerpt from She Is Autumn  © R. Dawn Hutchinson 

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