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Starry Sky

Sometimes even saviors need redemption.

Frankie and Elise are safe in their original reality, but the portal closed taking their cherished guardian with it. The twins expect a homecoming, but they’re greeted with suspicion instead. In Stromboden, sages are seen as evil, and those with supernatural abilities aren’t welcome in the kingdom regardless of their royalty. The twins’ rapidly expanding abilities reveal startling facets of themselves; dark fathoms of the heart are the most difficult to behold. Can their powers grow enough to save their guardian, cast adrift across space and time? Or will their abilities spiral out of control and change them into the monsters their own people condemn to chains?

Wayfarer is the second book in the sci-fi/fantasy Obluvium series. R. Dawn Hutchinson creates an immersive world packed with other-worldly powers, swash-buckling action, and heartfelt emotion.

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